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Looking To Promote Healthy Blood Pressure. We have just what you need, Red Yeast Rice, Omega 3 Fish Oil, and Much More!
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Blood Pressure Health, 90 Vcaps, From Now Foods

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Artery Cholesterol Blood Pressure, 2 oz, From King Bio

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Jarrow Formulas Pressure Optimizer with Ameal Peptide, 60 Capsules, From Jarrow

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Healthy Green Liquid, 32 oz., From Dynamic Health

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Enzymatic Therapy BP Manager, 90 Tablets, From Enzymatic Therapy

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MegaNatural, BP Grape Seed Extract, 60 Capsules, 150 mg, From Healthy Origins

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MegaNatural-BP Grape Seed Extract, 60 Capsules, 300 mg, From Healthy Origins

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Enzymedica Natto-K, 90 Capsules, From Enzymedica

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Enzymatic Therapy Coleus Forskohlii Extract, 60 UltraCaps, From Enzymatic Therapy

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CoEnzyme Q10, CoQ10, 60 Capsules, 60mg, Co Q10

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Chrysanthemum Vascuflow Herb Tea, Caffeine Free, 1.05 oz (30 g), 20 Tea Bags, From Health King

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CinnaBetic II, 60 Capsules, From Hero Nutritional

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Arjuna Cardiac Tonic, 60 Veggie Caps, From Himalaya

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Natural Factors PeptACE, Fish Peptides, 90 Capsules, 500 mg, From Natural Factors

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Blood Pressure Control

Blood Pressure Control

VitaDigest brings an exclusive range of products for blood pressure control and some other blood pressure related symptoms, in the most natural way possible.

Garlic Oil. Garlic oil improves the functioning of circulatory system and helps in blood pressure control. It helps maintain the normal cholesterol and the blood sugar levels in the body, keeps the heart healthy, and blood platelets & bile flowing. As a result, averts the risks of heart attack and atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries). Garlic oil also helps inhibit microbial growth and boosts the body's immunity. Garlic is known to possess great healing powers. This oil is made from garlic having a good quantity of Allicin. Garlic contains cancer deterring allyl sulfides. It can even cure insect bites and shrink the warts. Available as odorless and easy to swallow capsules from leading brands, VitaDigest makes the blood pressure control simple. Garlic Oil by K-Max, Jarrow's Garlic Ginger capsules, Nature's Herb's Garlic Odor-controlled capsules, and Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract by Wakunaga Kyolic are some of the magical offerings.

Magnesium. Magnesium plays a very important role in metabolism and in various enzymatic reactions. It helps in energy generation, its storage, DNA metabolism, and many other chemical reactions taking place in the body. Magnesium regulates the secretion of hormones, nerve activities, and the relaxation of muscles. It is stored in bones and helps in their metabolism too. Sufficient magnesium in the body results in a stable cardiovascular system and blood pressure control at the right levels. When combined with vitamin D, Magnesium and Calcium facilitate healthy bones in women even after their menopause. Blood pressure control formulas at VitaDigest, help ensure desired magnesium level in the human body. Magnesium Chelate by Source Natural, Magnesium Caps from Twinlab, Magnesium Optimizer Citrate from Jarrow, High Absorption Magnesium with Bioperine from Doctor's Best are some best selling magnesium supplements for blood pressure control.

Calcium and Magnesium supplements. They supply calcium and magnesium to the body along with some other vital vitamins and minerals for healthy body and strong bones. The blood pressure control cal-mag supplements come in an optimally absorbable form, especially suited for children and elderly. Cal-Mag FIZZ in mixed berry, lemon-life, and tropical fruit flavors by Baywood, is a strong blood pressure control supplement.

CoQ10 with Vitamin E. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant co-enzyme with an unstable existence and a tendency to crystallize as soon as exposed to heat, light, or even air. At VitaDigest, this potential co-enzyme comes in various forms that do not crystallize. The main aim of this blood pressure control product is to support all kind of heart functions. It increases the antioxidant protection of the body through the crystal-free solutions or softgels. It also enhances the production of energy in the cells. CoQ10 also helps the body to perform critical functions like assisting in weight loss by increasing the Basal Metabolic Rate. Following are the other blood pressure control products that contain the same co-enzyme, Q10, with similar advantages:
  • Carlson's CO-Q-10, Coenzyme Q10.
  • Co-Q10, Coenzyme Q-10 from Jarrow.
  • Q-Absorb CoQ10(Co Enzyme) From Jarrow
  • CoQ10 with Lecithin & Vitamin E, 150 Softgels, 100mg, from NOW.
  • CoQ10 with Lecithin & Vitamin E, 60 Softgels, 400mg, from NOW.
  • CoQsol-CF(CoQ10 100 mg with Vitamin E) from Doctor's Best.
  • Fish Oil Q, Fish Oil with Co-Enzyme Q10 and Carnitine from Carlson.

  • MityQondria CoQ10 from Jarrow. Mitochondria present in the cells, is the powerhouse of the body. Mitochondria oxidize food to liberate energy and synthesize ATP. MityQondria provides nutrition to the mitochondria that supports bioenergetics and aids in blood pressure control. The product also supplies Co-Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, ALCA, and creatine for the process. offers Blue Sky Herbal at Price below wholesale, Call our friendly customer care at 1-877-848-2168

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