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Sesamin, Maximize Fat Loss, 90 Sci-Capsules, From SciVation

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Sesamin is a naturally occurring antioxidant, lipid oxidizer, anti-inflammatory and phytoestrogen (Lignan), found in Sesame oil. It protects the Liver & the Kidneys, lowers bad Cholesterol (LDL) levels & increases that of good ones (HDL), and prevents high blood pressure. Sesamin also augments the body's hepatic & muscle fat burning with the help of the enzyme, PPAR-alpha PPAR-alpha (Peroxisome Proliferator-Activator Receptor Alpha), found in muscles, Liver, and the Adipose Tissue. Sesamin helps in the Beta-Oxidation of Fatty Acids and decreases Lipogenesis (new Fatty Acid deposits). In the Beta-Oxidation process, Sesamin also affects the Leptin levels in the body, which increases Insulin sensitivity too. As a result, Sesamin helps maintain healthy lipid profile in the body. Sesamin is basically a sesame seed oil supplement, standardized for something called 'sesamin.' Sesamin is a naturally occurring lignan in sesame oil.

To lose fat, people go for low carb diets. The fundamental is that the body utilizes Carbohydrates to release energy and stores extra fat. The body uses this store to release energy if ever Carbohydrates are not available. Now with low carb diet, when the body does not get enough Carbohydrates for the energy release, it metabolizes fat for the same and the body starts losing weight. However, the Brain cannot use fatty acids as the energy source, and depends on Glucose first and Ketones second for the purpose. Now, if your body is not producing ample Ketones in the body, it starts deriving the same from those stored in the muscles. In the process, even the lean muscles are lost. To combat this muscle wastage, Ketone promoting diets, Ketogenic diets, are needed. Sesamin is very handy in such cases as it increases Ketone production in the body. As a result, lean muscles tissues are conserved. VitaDigest offers the following effective Sesamin formulations.

Standard Sesamin Supplements. They help burn fat, while replenishing nutrients in the body and acting as a powerful anti-oxidant. Sesamin Fat Burning Lignan from SAN, Sesamin by SciVation, and SesaGlow from Controlled Labs are some key Sesamin formulas which have proven record of accomplishment in fat loss.

Sesamin Supplements with Fatty Acids. These are Sesamin based supplements, blended equally with Flax Seed Oil. Flax Seed Oil is rich in EFAs such as Omega-3 and Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA). EFAs reduce fat in the body by burning it and lowering its storage in the body. As a result, you get lean muscles build up & maintenance, while boosting the body's overall health. EFAs also enhance the body's metabolic functions, which keep your appetite balanced. These formulas maintain your right Cholesterol levels in the blood too, which helps avoid serious heart diseases. They even protect the liver against alcohol and improve its function, along with being anti-inflammatory. In fact, these supplements support the overall health of your body. SesaMAX from Axis Labs, and Sesanol from Instone are a couple of great Sesamin based products available at VitaDigest for weight loss.

SlimQuick Extreme from NX Care. This product is specially meant for women. The strong formula contains Sesamin, Tuber Fleece Flower, Loranthus, Pu-erh Tea for increased Fatty Acid oxidation, and its decreased synthesis. SlimQuick is also enriched with , a powerful synthetic form of alkaloid, which is great for quick fat burning. Its variant, 11-hydroxy ensures controlled time release of for prolonged effect. Hoodia in the formula suppresses your appetite by signaling the brain that you are full.

The supplement comes in easy to dissolve Soft gels form for quick and optimal effect. You need to administer these gels on empty stomach with 8 oz. water and at a gap of 6 hours. Take one gel in the morning before breakfast and second after 6 hours. Your dose must not exceed six gels in 24 hours and the gel can be administered only after 5 hours of sleep.

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