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VitaDigest - Affiliate Program

If you have a website and are interested in making money in the health industry then is a perfect option to do so. You can become a part of our affiliate program and can add value to your website, that too free! Through this Affiliate Program, you generate revenue by promoting our products and redirecting your customers to our website.

The philosophy: The idea of our affiliate program is that you generate referrals and earn money, while we get the promotional mileage.

Target market: This includes people ideally interested in health supplements and alternative wellness products.

What is in it for the affiliate? Under VitaDigest Affiliate Program, you introduce your customers to one of the market leaders, offering valuable health & living products of quality brands. You just have to refer traffic to us and enjoy your commission on the actualized sales. We will do the rest, right from co-ordinating with the buyer to processing order to shipment process, or the customer service issues. You do not have to pay a penny to run this program or deal with inventory issues. In addition, your site too gets highlighted in the process. A VitaDigest's Affiliate Manager is always around to guide you through, if required.

What is in it for a customer? Being one of the leading and awarded retailers of health supplements & natural products, we offer a varied range of over ten thousand unique health & wellness products to choose from at competitive prices, backed by accurate & secure transaction and an immensely competent & helpful customer care department. Our market reach is global. Therefore, your customers will be no less than delighted in transacting with us.

The process:

  • Enrollment: Joining us is very easy. Just click to sign up for the program, fill in the application, and there you go! The applications are automatically submitted to our affiliate program. Our experts then review your application and decide on your enrollment. We have collaborated with three reputed online platforms to host our program. They are, Commission Junction or, and The hyperlinks for them are listed on our description page. If you are already a member of any of these websites, you can directly login using your credentials. Alternatively, you can sign up using the links on the login page itself, fill out our short application form, and submit your request for the expert review. We notify the applicants within 24-48 business hours of their acceptance.
  • Prospecting: You can put our link on your website. You can even advertise through email, banner ads, advertising text, other online promotion tools, or varied offline methods. In addition, we give you access to the state-of-the-art reporting tools to help you grow your business. VitaDigest assists, guides, and appraises your success quotient as an affiliate. That is, how well are you able to sell VitaDigest.comís items through your website.
  • Business generation: Our affiliates are eligible for a certain commission for their each directed (clicking our link on your website) visitor, converted into a buyer. We use cookies to track your customers. They can place the order within 30 days after their first visit to our website. Once the customer places an order, the affiliates earn a minimum of 5% and up to 10% commission of the amount of purchase made. The commissions are accrued and paid monthly. You must reach the $50 earned commission mark to claim the amount. Else, the amount is carried over to the next month, and will be paid during the next cycle.
  • Commission Structure: (Adopted from Lucky Vitamin. Please alter it as per your policies)
  • Earn upto 5% commission on referrals who make purchases on our website:
  • Monthly when amount exceeds $50 commission is 2%
  • When sales exceed $999, the commission is 2.5%
  • When sales exceed $4,999, the commission is 3%
  • When sales exceed $10,000, the commission is 4%
  • When sales exceed $25,000, the commission is 5%
  • Tracking: Our online reporting system helps you constantly track your performance as a VitaDigest affiliate. You can know about the number of clicks on your site's links, number of sales, total business actualized, and more.

VitaDigest Affiliate Program - Terms and Conditions

  • Bias free record: Affiliates' websites should not promote any prejudiced products, services, or ideas, based on sex, nationality, age, or race.
  • Strings free deal: VitaDigest Affiliate Program does not create any sort of partnership between the two website owners that is the affiliate and VitaDigest. Also, it is not a joint venture, franchise, or an employment relationship between the two parties.
  • VitaDigest discretion: Any term, conditions, processes, and rules pertaining to this Affiliate Program may be modified, added, or deleted at any point of time, without any notice. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your only option is to terminate this agreement.
  • Agreement termination: When and if your agreement terminates, the affiliates will need to remove all our hypertext links. Either party can end the agreement with the written notice of termination.
  • Affiliate website: VitaDigest will not be in any way responsible for the development, accuracy of content, operation, and maintenance of your website.††
  • Referral record: The special links we provide for affiliates' websites need to be formatted properly at their respective ends. Any sale, which has taken place from your referral but could not be tracked down properly due to any technical error at your end, will not be VitaDigest's responsibility and no commission can be claimed in such case(s).
  • VitaDigest's onus: VitaDigest will be responsible for all the aspects of order processing i.e. prepare order forms & process payments, shipping, and customer service.
  • Representative affiliate: You or any entity on your behalf will not engage in any solicitation activity of any sort on the behalf of
  • Reapplication: You are not allowed to reapply for VitaDigest's Affiliate Program, if in the past your agreement with us was terminated.

Contact us: For more elaboration on the VitaDigest Affiliate Program, click the ĎAffiliate Programí link at the bottom of any page on our website. If you have any further queries regarding the program, please write at For a helpful reply, please be as specific in your question as possible.

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