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Doctor's Best, Artemisinin, 100 mg, 90 Veggie Caps

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Gaia Herbs, Sweet Wormwood, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

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Vitamins are essential for the normal functioning and growth of human body. However, in the fast-paced modern life, our bodies hardly get all vital nutrients from the daily diet. This calls for the intake of herbal vitamin supplements as an ideal solution, especially for those suffering from vitamin deficiency. Artemisia is an herb that found use as an antipyretic, tonic, vermicide, and an intestinal remedy, since the ancient times. Now brings home the benefits of this time-tested therapeutic plant from four different drug makers, as follows:

NutriCology: California based NutriCology is a market leader in innovative nutritional products. Serving its satisfied customers since 1979, the company brings you the following:
  • Artemisinin Veggie Caps - This product is made from Qinghaasu, an active component derived from Artemisia annua (known as, sweet wormwood) herb. It is a 100% natural dietary supplement with hypoallergenic properties. Its other contents are hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, cellulose, and L-leucine. It is free from thujone.
  • Super Artemisinin Veggie Capsules - It is made from a superior formula in combination with Artemisia extract and essential oil derived from the sweet wormwood plant. These veggie capsules can be used as a dietary supplement, as they are endowed with hypoallergenic properties.
  • Artemisinin Qinghaosu Capsules - Artemisinin Qinghaosu capsules from NutriCology are made from the purest Artemisia annua herbal extract. The component is extremely useful for balancing the microbes present in the Gastro-Intestinal tract of human body. NutriCology's Artemisinin is 98.5% pure form without any trace of thujone.

  • Herb Pharm: Serving its customers since 1979, Herb Pharm is a manufacturer of liquid Homeopathic medicines. Its products are made of its organically grown trademark, ‘Custom Wildcrafted' herbs. The company has following offerings available at
  • Artemisia Annua Liquid - It is prepared by extracting the leaves and flowers of Artemisia annua plants, grown for medicinal usage. This formulation is free of any harmful pesticides or chemicals. The product is a natural herbal dietary supplement that includes Sweet Annie, grain alcohol and distilled water, along with Artemisia extracts.
  • Wormwood Liquid - This is a liquid herbal extract that contains the essence of Artemisia absinthium plants. These plants are harvested with great care. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used for growing these herbs. This product represents a natural herbal diet supplement, which is organically certified as a health tonic.

    NOW Foods: NOW Foods was founded in 1968. It is a US based manufacturer of herbal health products, known for their quality and purity. Following item from NOW Foods is made available through
  • Wormwood Liquid Extract - This liquid extract is prepared from Artemisia herb, which is popular as a health booster. The herb is enriched with nutritional components. The liquid extract works great, as a dietary supplement. The NOW product supports intestinal health. It is a 100% veggie formula that has passed all GMP quality checks.

  • Doctor's Best: This California based drug manufacturer is known for its innovative formulas that are purest and safest to use. Following Artemisia product is offered by Doctor's Best:
  • Artemisinin V Caps - These vitamin capsules are made from superior Artemisia, a flowering Chinese herb. Artemisia is also known as Sweet Wormwood. Doctor's Best Artemisinin is a natural plant extract. The constituent plants are harvested as per GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) standards for highest quality.

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