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Bacopa Leaf Extract, 60 Capsules, From Solaray

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Garden of Life Oceans 3, Better Brain with OmegaXanthin, 90 Softgels, From Garden of Life

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Bacopa, 60 Veggie Caps, From Paradise Herbs

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Holy Basil, Lotus & Bacopa, 60 Veggie Caps, From Paradise Herbs

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Bacopa is prepared from the extract of Bacopa monnieri, a herb, proven for its salutary effects on brain's functioning. This plant usually grows in the marsh areas of India. It finds great use in the preparation of brain tonics, which are propitious for enhancing psychological power and perception. Research authenticates that Bacopa heightens protein synthesis in the body, especially in the brain cells. Therefore, Bacopa serves as a memory booster and even helps treat mental disorders. Various drug manufacturers have come up with ready-to-use herbal products containing Bacopa. Now, you can obtain the benefits of these time-tested remedial measures through It features the following items from five different manufacturers:

Brain Tonics: The blends in this section are designed to amplify your memory, academic performance, consciousness, and to keep you calm and relaxed. These products in capsule form are Ayurvedic herbal blends with no known side effects. These formulas comprise of only natural ingredients with no extra salt, sugar, artificial colors, parabens, or any other preservatives. You can pick from the following products and order online:
  • Bacopa Extract Tablets from Planetary Formulas – This item improves your thinking power and learning skills. Bacopa lessens the mental stress and relaxes neuron cells, due to its antioxidant capacity. This Bacopa formulation is advantageous for all the age groups.
  • Bacopa Ginkgo Brain Strength Tablets by Planetary Formulas - This formula is a combination of the extracts of Bacopa and Ginkgo biloba. This Ayurvedic medicine sustains a healthy balance of your body and mind. Ginkgo biloba acts as a food for the brain, providing it supplemental oxygen and glucose.
  • Ginkgo Bacopa Quick Thinking Tablets by Rainbow Light –This perfect formula supports overall brain health, short-term memory, and long-term memory. These tablets are also an effective aid for treating common cold and influenza.
  • Bacopa Mental Alertness Veggie Caps from Himalaya – This formula is made from the purest organically grown ingredients. It contains no pesticide or chemical fertilizers and is extremely effective in boosting mental alertness.

  • Miscellaneous Remedies: In addition to the regular benefits of Bacopa in acting as a brain invigorator, the formulations in this category are useful in minor medical conditions. You have the following two options in this category:
  • Bacopa Leaf Extract Capsules from Solaray - It enhances the visual motor perception, apart from facilitating quick recall, learning ability, and improving memory span. The visual motor integration involves the interaction of eyes with brain and body for the activity. People with visual perception difficulties either get confused or reverse their numbers and alphabets.
  • Relora with Bacopa Vegetarian Capsules from Food Science - It is a holistic combination of the extract of Bacopa and Relora, which reduces stress and counterpoises mood. It contains the adaptogenic and neurotonic properties of Bacopa, along with the stress relieving benefits of Relora, a trademarked constituent.

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