Betaine HCI

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Doctor's Best, Betaine HCL Pepsin & Gentian Bitters, 120 Capsules

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Nature's Life, Betaine HCL, 350 mg, 100 Tablets

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Natural Factors, Betaine Hydrochloride with Fenugreek, 500 mg, 180 Vegetarian Capsules

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Betaine HCl, 90 Tablets, From Thompson Nutritional

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Natural Factors Betaine HCL 500mg 90 Capsules, Natural Factors

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Betaine HCI

Betaine HCL

Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL) is a type of hydrochloric acid. Parietal cells in stomach produce Betaine HCL naturally. Betaine HCL is essential to break proteins and fats. In addition, it is important in the process of absorption of iron, calcium, proteins and vitamin B12. The second name for Betaine HCL is stomach acid. Betaine HCL of low pH helps to eliminate harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

The stomach of a healthy person produces strong Betaine HCL. The person, who is unable to produce sufficient amount and quality of Betaine HCL, may intake supplements of Betaine HCL derived from beets. Low level of Betaine HCL may lead to indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, rectal itching, bloating, burning after meals, belching, calcium and iron deficiencies, intestinal pain, acne, nausea and undigested food found in stools.

Achlorhydria and Hypochlorhydria are two clinical terms for lack of production of Betaine HCL. This is a common occurrence in grownup adults. Less production of Betaine HCL may contribute to other disorders such as atherosclerosis, asthma, gastritis, rheumatoid arthritis and yeast infections. People with low level of Betaine HCL commonly use Betaine HCL supplements as an enzyme for digestion, that allow them to absorb and digest fats and proteins they eat.

Products of Betaine HCL:

You intake many bacteria, pathogens and parasites present in the environment on a daily basis. To prevent infections and diseases from these attackers, you need to have sufficient quantity of Betaine HCL. If your body is unable to produce Betaine HCL, then you may have supplement of Betaine HCL. There are varieties of nutrient supplements with Betaine HCL available in the market.

Betaine HCL
Capsules of Betaine HCL along with pepsin provide maximum benefits of HCL acid. Federal department of Medicine certified this product as a combination of Betaine HCL from naturally occurring beets and pepsin. You may use these supplements as a remedy for anemia, asthma, high homocysteine level, gallstones, thyroid problems, vitiligo, diarrhea, arteriosclerosis and other food allergies.

Betaine HCL with pepsin
Stomach acid produces pepsin from pepsinogen, a type of enzyme that plays a vital role in breaking proteins in smaller ingredients, so that your stomach and other body parts can easily absorb them. Decrease in Betaine HCL leads to decrease in pepsin content. This may reduce absorption of proteins. Betaine HCL with pepsin acts as a perfect medicine to cure stomach problems.

Betasine Rapid Muscle Technology
Betaine HCL may also help in protecting your liver and joints. It even promotes faster healing from inflammation and muscle injuries. This helps to build more quantity of muscle in short time. With the increase in technology, there may be other use of Betaine HCL. Betasine, a new radical formula helps to release the skeptical power of carnosine and nanoparticulated beta-alanine. The blend of both these compounds optimizes the impact of iron and muscle that provide vigor to your body.

Studies showed tremendous increase in the strength of raw muscles without any side effects. You may use Anavol with Betasine to gain immense benefits. Anavol and Betasine works in a cycle that promotes the Testosterone process of your body.


Betaine HCL has numerous benefits to maintain good health. There are no side effects of Betaine HCL reported yet. However, there are certain minor effects of overdose. You may have a burning sensation in your stomach, if you overdose yourself with Betaine HCL. Talk to your medical practitioner, if you come across such effects of overdose.

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