Bitter Orange

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Precious Essential Oil Neroli in Jojoba, 0.5 oz, From Aura Cacia

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Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange is a type of citrus tree and its botanical name is Citrus aurantium. It mainly grows in tropical regions. There are many common names of Bitter Orange such as sour orange, Seville orange and bigarade orange.

There are numerous varieties of Bitter Orange used in the preparation of aromas and flavoring components. In addition, there are many medicinal properties of Bitter Orange. The fruit extracts Bitter Orange have many health benefits. Marmalades are prepared from Bitter Orange that have high concentration of pectin (a kind of cellulose). Fruits of Bitter Orange are used in compotes and preparation of bergamot oil, which is an important component used in tea and perfume formulations.

Many Indian dishes include immature fruits of Bitter Orange. The extract of ripen Bitter Orange acts as a marinade for meat in Cuban cooking style. Fruits, leaves and flowers of Bitter Orange tree are the main parts that have a variety of uses.

Benefits of Bitter Orange:

Extracts of flowers and fruits of Bitter Orange help in fat loss also. In addition, the dried peel of biter orange fruit has many medicinal properties. They also act as a flavoring agent in many beverages. Bitter Orange extract may help in aromatherapy, through which people can inhale the scents of Bitter Orange extracts and gain optimum health benefits.

Many traditional herbalists in China use Bitter Orange extracts to treat patients. They believe that practicing herbs, meditation and massage restores the proportional balance between positive and negative energy. They have applications in heartburn, nasal congestion and appetite loss. In addition, Bitter Orange extract is also used to heal fungal infections of skin such as ringworm.

Bitter Orange Standardized
The product contains synephrine, which boosts the thermogenic action. The product also helps to increase the fat burning process of your body. Synephrine is the most active compound in Bitter Orange extract. Synephrine, ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine altogether help to reduce the body fat. In addition, synephrine also helps to cure allergies and cold.

Numerous weight-loss supplements replace ephedra with Bitter Orange extract, which is not a good thing, as ephedra is very lethal and may cause an increase in blood pressure, which might eventually result in strokes and heart attacks. In fact, researchers believe that Bitter Orange extract is much safer than ephedra for weight-loss programs. Synephrine content in Bitter Orange extract increases the metabolic processes, energy levels and caloric outflow. This promotes fat burning and helps in weight loss. In addition, you may consume this product for curing gastrointestinal disorders, headaches and insomnia.

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Bitter Orange