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Bupleurum, an herb, grows mainly in East Asian countries. Bupleurum requires drained soil and sufficient sunlight for ideal growth. Different organizations cultivate and harvest Bupleurum mainly in spring and autumn seasons to process their roots for medicinal purposes.

Ancient literature of China shows many uses of Bupleurum. They believe that Bupleurum helps to maintain the internal energy of the body that is essential for growth and development of different organs. Bupleurum helps to increase the performance and functioning of liver, which in turn supports better blood circulation. Roots are the most beneficial component of Bupleurum herb.

Benefits and Products of Bupleurum:

Bupleurum has many other health benefits with a combination of different herbs such as milk thistle and herbs of genus Glycyrrhiza, which includes licorice and gan cao (a Chinese herb). Bupleurum has anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal diseases linked with liver.

In Chinese healing system, people use this herb to treat fever symptoms, especially when patients feel a bitter taste in their mouth. In addition, they also use Bupleurum for treating abdominal pain, vomiting and sudden dizziness. Medical professionals use Bupleurum in treating disorders such as bone cancer, hemorrhoids, tissues that prolapsed in pelvic areas. Women suffering from uterus prolapse shows improvement in their health by using Bupleurum extract.

Bupleurum Liver Cleanse
Liver is an important part of human body, as it helps in detoxification of body. Poor functioning of liver may decrease the process of body detoxification, which is a real threat. The performance of liver may decrease due to burden of detoxifying large amount of toxins. You may have this supplement to improve the cleaning activity of liver.

This product contains Chinese Bupleurum and other famous herbs from different continents that support faster and deep cleansing of liver. You may consume this supplement with your meals. However, do not exceed the dosage limit, as it may lead to different problems.

Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator
The product is specially designed to promote healthy function of liver. The product contains a blend of nutrients and herbs that support liver health along with other health benefits. Bupleurum extract in this product is of highest quality. Extract of milk thistle content in the product improves the functioning of liver. In addition, amino acids such as methionine and n-acetyl cysteine increase the yield of glutathione in liver. Glutathione is a type of antioxidant, which plays an important role in detoxification process.

The product includes herbs such as scute and schizandra that have many uses in herbal medication. Many frequent travelers use this product for preserving better health, while traveling.

First Cleanse, Two Week Program
This product provides complete internal cleansing program to flush the toxins present in your body. The product includes 39 different herbs that promote elimination of toxins from all the seven channels of body.

The herbs included in the formulation of this product are beet, artichoke, Bupleurum, celandine, dandelion, milk thistle and turmeric. Mullein and red clover are the herbs that help to cleanse lungs. Ashwanganda, chlorella, larch gum, corn silk, burdock, hawthorn berry, cape aloe, rhubarb root, marshmallow, fennel, slippery elm, tripala and ginger root are different herbs that help to cleanse kidneys, lymphatic system, skin, bowel and blood. This product will help you to cleanse your overall body for detoxification.


With the help of Bupleurum and their supplements, you will be able to minimize the level of toxicity in your body. There are no known side effects in sufficient doses. However, nausea, reflux, appetite, flatulence, abdominal distension and increased bowel functions are certain side effects of overdoses.

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