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Butterbur Extract with Standardized Rosmarinic Acid, 60 Softgels, From Life Extension

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Urovex Butterbur Extract Supports Bladder Function, 60 Softgels, From Source Natural

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Nature's Way, PETADOLEX, Pro-Active, 50 mg , 60 Softgels

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Life Extension, Migra-Eeze, 60 Softgels

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Continence With Flowtrol, 60 Capsules, From Solaray

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Now Foods, Butterbur, 60 Veg Capsules

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Butterbur plant is an herbal remedy for fever, pain and spasms, since many centuries. In addition, Butterbur also helps to treat headaches, asthma, hay fever and skin ulcers. Sesquiterpenes such as isopetasin and petasin are two active substances in Butterbur. It also contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which are toxic to liver. However, companies remove this toxin with the help of special modifying treatment.

Butterbur plant is a small shrub containing large leaves and dwells in marshy and wet areas. There are different names of Butterbur plants such as butter-dock, butterfly dock, flapper dock, umbrella leaves, bog rhubarb and petasites.

Butterbur Supplements and their Benefits:

The extract of Butterbur has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. Butterbur helps to regulate calcium throughout the body and suppresses the synthesis of enzymes such as cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase. Butterbur helps to reduce allergies caused from different factors.

Butterbur with Feverfew Minimizes Neurological Discomfort
Butterbur mainly dwells in marshy areas of North America, Europe and Asia. Ancient herbalists and modern scientists agree that Butterbur promotes healthy circulation of blood from brain to toe supporting neurological system. Petasins play an important role in reducing negative effects of neurological disorders occurred by stress and bright light, which occurs rarely in healthy person. In addition, it also helps in maintaining the seasonal responses of immunity in balanced condition. This product is free from toxic alkaloids that occur naturally in Butterbur.

You may use this supplement in treating asthma. Asthma is an inflammatory disorder linked with lungs and airways. Asthma patients have long-term treatments that include controlled medication and relief medication. The Butterbur extracts promotes improvement in lung functions of patients suffering from chronic bronchitis. However, there are few side effects on certain occasions and you need to consult your medical practitioner before using Butterbur supplement for asthma and bronchitis.

Butterbur Extract Urovex
Butterbur is modified specially to have active isopetasin and petasin naturally. The product goes under special process to remove harmful toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids. You may use extracts of Butterbur for traditional applications.

Petasins suppress the synthesis of leukotriene in leukocytes. This helps to reduce effects of rhinitis, an allergic disorder, which is linked with histamine levels in nasal fluids and leukotriene.

Urovex Butterbur Extract Supports Bladder Function
The product helps to provide a healthy function of bladder. This product has scientifically modified Butterbur extract without any toxins. You may use this product in case of urinary incontinence and unusual urinary frequency. People may think that the size of the bladder has an effect on urinary incontinence. However, decrease in the size of bladder is not the cause of urinary incontinence.

Detrusor, a smooth muscle layer around the bladder, is the cause of urination. This muscle expands depending on the urine volume in bladder and contracts, while urinating. Brain sends a message to Detrusor to contract, when the bladder is half-full. However, cortex helps to suppress the contraction of Detrusor at awkward times. In urinary incontinence, cortex finds it difficult to suppress the contraction of Detrusor, which expels urine out of the body. In other words, you may find your pants wet at such moments. Petasins in Butterbur extract helps in controlling the involuntary contracting of muscles due to its spasmolytic properties. Petasins are mainly responsible to suppress the synthesis of leukotriene and increases the extracellular concentration of calcium.

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