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American Health Chewable Papaya Enzyme with Chloropyll 600 Tab

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Now Foods, Chlorophyll, 100 mg, 90 Veg Capsules

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Green Magma, Powdered Barley Grass Juice, 2.8 oz. From Green Foods

Reg. Price: $17.62

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Now Foods, Chlorella, 1,000 mg, 120 Tablets

Reg. Price: $21.60

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Chlorofresh Internal Deodorant, 90 Softgel Capsules, From Nature's Way

Reg. Price: $14.99

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Authentic Robert Barefoot Oxy Plus Supreme Plus, 90 Capsules

Reg. Price: $35.99

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Super Papaya Enzyme Plus, 180 Chewable Tablets, From American Health

Reg. Price: $13.11

Your Price: $6.56


Dr. Hagiwara Green Magma, 5.3 oz, From Green Foods

Reg. Price: $32.99

Your Price: $19.83


Jarrow Formulas, Yaeyama Chlorella, 150 Capsules

Reg. Price: $15.33

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Now Foods, Certified Organic Chlorella, Pure Powder, 1 lb (454 g)

Reg. Price: $49.55

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Chlorophyll, Natural Flavor, 8 oz, Bernard Jensen

Reg. Price: $6.55

Your Price: $4.50


Chlorophyll, Mint Flavor, 8 oz, Bernard Jensen

Reg. Price: $6.55

Your Price: $4.50


Chlorofresh Liquid Chlorophyll, Natural 16 oz from Nature's Way

Reg. Price: $12.49

Your Price: $7.49


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Chlorophyll is a compound found in plants, which is responsible for photosynthesis. Plants are green in color due to Chlorophyll. It produces food from sunlight in plants.

The chemical composition of Chlorophyll is almost similar to the chemical composition of our blood. The main difference is Chlorophyll's main atom is magnesium instead of iron in blood. Therefore, scientists believe that Chlorophyll may be beneficial to humans in number of ways. They have found many potential benefits of Chlorophyll to human beings through several researches.

Green plants are the only source of Chlorophyll. We are unable to have utmost benefits of Chlorophyll, as it gets destroyed, while cooking. However, you may have paramount benefits of Chlorophyll by regular intake of Chlorophyll tablets and supplements.

People consume fruits of Chlorophyll, as it has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and antioxidant properties. The rate of tissue repair and growth increases with the help of Chlorophyll. The central atom of Chlorophyll, magnesium, supports blood to carry sufficient amount of oxygen to every part of body, as it helps to stimulate red blood cells to increase their oxygen carrying capacity.

Chlorophyll is also useful in forming and assimilating calcium and many other beneficial molecules. Chlorophyll is a good fighter against bad odors of breath, fecal, urine and body stink. You may use Chlorophyll in healing wounds and cuts naturally.

Products of Chlorophyll and Their Benefits:

There are number of Chlorophyll products available in the market such as:

Barley Grass Bulk Powder Chlorophyll Source
Barley Grass Bulk Powder manufactured from Whole Barley Grass is 100% pure. Barley Grass is more nutritional than Wheat Grass. Nature's Way processes Barley Grass in a dried air atmosphere instead of heating to throw moisture from them. This decreases the loss of Chlorophyll greatly. The product is of high quality standards, which is carefully produced and tested.

Chlorella Formula
Chlorella Formula tablets are excellent source of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, plant sterols and number of other nutritional compounds. Chlorella is a type of micro algae of single cell that dwells in fresh water bodies such as lakes and ponds. They have highest content of naturally occurring Chlorophyll. In addition, they are good sources of vitamin B-12, Beta-carotene and iron. This product formulates Chlorella of high potency obtained from Taiwan to provide better assimilation.

Chlorofresh Internal Deodorant
Chlorofresh Internal Deodorant decreases bad odors of digestive tracts. Chlorofresh, an intense Chlorophyll complex, made from first-class alfalfa leaves, reduces odors from ileostomy and colostomy. In addition, it is also effective in freshening internal bad breath. Chlorofresh has an added convenience, as it comes in soft-gelatin capsules.

Multiple Vitamins & Minerals Green Phyto Base Powder
Green Phyto Base Powder is manufactured from wheat grass, barley, oats, alfalfa, green cabbage, mustard and parsley greens and kale. In addition, it also contains spirulina and chlorella extracts. Green Phyto Base has the necessary vitamins, digestive enzymes, minerals, amino acids and other important compounds of high potential that will make your day energetic.

China Chlorella tablets contain concentrated proteins, Chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, beta-carotene and fatty acids. They improve bowel function, maintain cholesterol levels, improve production of bodily bacteria and enhance the immunity. In addition, they have anti-viral properties and help in repairing damaged DNA.

Last Assurance:

Chlorophyll, whether in the form of tablet, powder or liquid is effective to us. Try one of these products and you will have a firm immune system, healthy organs, cells and tissues, and finally an overall healthy body to enjoy a life free from disorders.

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