Coral Calcium


Coral Calcium

Calcium is the most common name that comes to our mind, when we talk about nutrition and health. Many parts of the body require calcium for better growth and strength such as teeth, bones, nails and hair. Calcium is the third common substance found in your body after water and air. You may have sufficient amount of calcium through consuming calcium supplements. Calcium also maintains the functioning of muscles, blood and nerves properly.

There are many diseases linked with deficiency of calcium. In addition, deficiency in calcium may also lower the restoring ability of your body. There are many benefits of coral calcium over calcium supplements. Many companies derive coral calcium from fossils of coral reefs. To prevent the damage of ecosystem, companies prefer fossils of coral reef instead of live coral reefs. These companies refine coral calcium to eliminate pollutants present.

Coral calcium helps to provide strong and healthy bones, nails, hair, teeth and gums. In addition, it helps to prevent osteoporosis. Coral calcium helps in healing any kind of wound. Another benefit of coral calcium is that it helps in weight loss and prevents more than 200 diseases caused due to deficiency in calcium. In short, coral calcium helps to stay healthy.

Coral Calcium Present:

Generally, a human body absorbs only 30% of the total calcium through routine diet. There are chances that you may have the deficiency in calcium. Coral calcium has an advantage over regular calcium supplements, as it includes various trace minerals that are important for our body. Trace minerals are those minerals, which are present in small traces in our body such as potassium and iron. However, it is important to have these trace minerals from other dietary items. Coral calcium helps to maintain your body's acid-alkali balance too.

Coral Calcium Complete
This product provides an unspoiled and pure form of calcium. Companies manufacture coral calcium above the sea level to make them ecologically safe. Japan is considered the world's major coral calcium supplier. Scientists believe that coral calcium supplements from Japan are of utmost purity.

It helps in maintaining a healthy pH balance of your body. Many of the body fluids are alkaline such as saliva. However, as the age increases, the amount of calcium in the body decreases, which leads to acidification of these alkaline fluids. Imbalance in acid-alkali level may lead to decrease in oxygen supply to different body cells. This may even accelerate the pace of ageing. Coral calcium decreases the acidification of these fluids, and thus decreases the pace of aging.

Coral Calcium Supreme Plus
These caplets contain optimum quality of coral calcium, vitamins and number of important nutrients in sufficient quantity. It has the ratio of calcium to magnesium of 2:1, which is biologically perfect. They even help in preventing disorders such as gallstone, allergies, cancer and heart diseases.

Coral Calcium Plus
Vcaps of coral calcium plus include calcium in the form of alkaline and offer healthy pH level in your body. In addition, it has a variety of minerals and nutrients required by the bones for better growth and firmness. Vitamin D and magnesium are two important constituents of Coral Calcium Plus that help in bone metabolism.

Coral Calcium
Older people may greatly benefit from this coral calcium product. Many people have started to witness improved health within two weeks of regular dosage of these coral calcium tablets. They even noticed increase in energy levels and better sleep. In addition, they attained normal pH level that prevented them from metabolic acidosis.

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Coral Calcium