Divas and Dancing Book

Divas and Dancing Book

Divas and Dancing Books

Have you ever envied a friend who boasts of a swinging sex life? Or, have you secretly made assumptions about your friend's vivacious & spirited sex life, based on her body language? Definitely, we all vie for a never-ending and unremittingly zestful sex life. Incidentally however, with time, an additional effort (for there is no guarantee of its success) to pep up your intimate times reduces, stultifying your sex life. But, then its futile to expect pleasure without trying to inch towards it. This section helps you precisely with that. Our Divas and Dancing Books help you with the tricks of getting up, close, and personal with your partner in an innovatively suggestive mode.

We all know that dancing is a stress buster, but only few realize that seductive dancing moves, styles, and techniques can set fire to a man's instinct. What else, you can easily master them from the convenience of your homes. Vitadigest guides you on the art of erotica dancing styles with its exclusive collection of Divas and Dancing Books. These books promise to turn you into a seductress. Lets check out the collection that may help you spruce up your sex life now!

Lap Dancing: These Divas and Dancing Books feature all the popular lap dance moves such as the 'slap and tickle,' 'body slide,' and 'grinding straddle.' These guides suggest professionally choreographed moves, such as puppet master, wave hello, the tail feather, whip it up, a perfect circle, and bye-bye handsome, supported thoroughly with photos and illustrations. The suggested moves fashion your body in a manner, your man will plead for more. In addition, they guide you on setting up that lighting, music, and teasing environment for a perfect finish. The Divas and Dancing Books options here:
  • The Little Bit Naughty Book of Lap Dancing by Rebecca Drury
  • The Art of Lap Dancing by Mike Aldridge

  • Pole dancing: These Divas and Dancing Books explain all the slinky moves & techniques of the pole dance, such as elegant and sensuous pole posses, moves, spins, inverted and horizontal pole dancing tricks, to make you shimmy, jiggle, wiggle, and spin sexy. These books are suited for women of all sizes and age. Vitadigest offers:
  • Art of Pole Dancing by Peekaboo Pole Dancing Ltd.
  • Pole Dancing for You DVD by Edith Aboul-hosn

  • Striptease: These Divas and Dancing books reveal the secrets of highlighting your strongest natural assets and hiding the inevitable flaws with an attitude that will arrest your man instantly. From making the right gestures to exposing right, these books offer solutions to all your voluptuous stripping 'needs.' The excellent Divas and Dancing Books Vitadigest offers are:
  • Stripper's Guide to Looking Great Naked by Jennifer Axen & Leigh Phillips
  • Strip to It - Bump n' Grind DVD + Music CD
  • Housewife's GT The Practical Striptease by Miyoko Fujimori
  • Bedroom Games by Mary Taylor

  • Sex Guides: These Divas and Dancing Books inundate the reader with practical suggestions to add flavor to your sex life. Recommended tips help women to love themselves and make them feel confident & sexy from within. Some fabulous Divas and Dancing Books options at Vitadigest are:

  • The Lingerie Handbook by Rebecca Apsan
  • The Bunny Book by Deanna Brooks
  • Hot Woman's Handbook: The CAKE Guide to Female Sexual Pleasure by Melinda Gallagher
  • How to Be a Sex Goddess by Sarah Tomczak
  • How to be a Bedroom Goddess by Sophia Mortensen and Des Taylor

  • Beautifully Dark Quadruple Bronzing Accelerator

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