Emu Oil

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EmuBain, 100% Pure Emu Oil, 2 oz. From Dream Tan

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Emu Oil

Emu Oil

Emu oil has been used by the natives of Australia for thousands of years. It continues to be used today for burns, wounds, cuts, bruises, and as a pain reliever for bone, muscle, and joints disorders. Its penetrating capability cannot be challenged. The ability to carry other substances with it allows emu oil to achieve quite extraordinary results with most skin disorders as well as arthritic pains and joint stiffness. While FDA regulations exclude any claims of 'cures', the results give testimony as to the power of emu oil. Many individuals with eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis have found that some of the discomfort can be overcome with the topical use of emu oil and products based on emu oil. The remainder of this page is devoted to emu oil and its properties.

Emu oil lacks phospholipids and the human skin is phospholipid deficient. This explains the transdermal properties of emu oil. Thus, when emu oil is mixed with herbs known for their ability of acting on skin or muscle-joint problems, the results can be extraordinary.

Another important property of emu oil is that it has been discovered to be bacteriostatic, which means that emu oil does not promote the growth of bacteria. Emu Oil is both hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. This explains why emu oil has such an extremely low irritation on skin and is not pore-clogging.

Emu oil, unlike other ingredients used in the cosmetic industry, does not have the tendency to clog up pores. In fact, comedogencity (pore clogging) tests have shown that emu oil has a score of less than 1.

Laboratory testing has shown emu oil to have the same degree of irritability as water when applied to skin.

An analysis of emu oil by a professor at Auburn University showed that emu oil contains a high level of linolenic acid, a substance known to ease the pains of muscles and joints. The study also showed that emu oil contains oleic acid, which is good for local anti-inflammatory problems.

Many cosmetic and organizations are researching emu oil for yet another important property, liposomes. Liposomes are highly penetrating to human skin. When health enhancing herbs are combined with emu oil, the presence of liposomes can make amazing results.

Veterinarians are discovering how well emu oil works with animals, especially horses. The skin of a horse is very similar to that of humans. Since the oil is bacteriostatic and retards bacterial growth, it keeps the wounds moist while transporting other ingredients deep under the skin.

Some doctors have mixed liquid aspirin with emu oil to further increase the pain relief for arthritis, muscles, and joints.

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Emu Oil