FeverFew Extract

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Gaia Herbs Feverfew Jamaicn Dogwood Supreme, 1 Oz, From Gaia Herbs

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Feverfew Extract, 100 Tablets, From Source Naturals

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Feverfew Leaves 100 caps from Nature's Way

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Feverfew Leaves 180 caps from Nature's Way

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FeverFew Extract

Feverfew Extract

Feverfew plants are one of the few decorative plants with medicinal benefits. Sunflower and feverfew plants are of same family. The average height of feverfew plant is 60 cm. Feverfew plants have strong and bitter odor that keep the bees away from them. In old-age tradition, people taught that this powerful smell prevent diseases by purifying air.

Flower, leaf and stem are the main medicinal parts of feverfew plant. People chew leaves of feverfew plant to get relief from pain. However, people may use capsules or supplements of Feverfew Extract to have other health benefits.

Supplements of Feverfew Extract:

People in historical period used Feverfew Extract against disorders such as headaches, fever, nausea and depression. Feverfew Extract is popular in treating digestive problems, arthritis and headaches. Tanetin and parthenolide are the chemicals that effectively work to lower migraine problems. However, feverfew is not a full proof medicine for treating acute migraine attacks. In addition, it also helps in reducing psoriasis, asthma attacks, toothache and stomachache. Feverfew helps in stimulating appetite and improves kidney function and digestion. Boiled solution of Feverfew Extract and sugar or honey may treat well against coughs and breathing problems. Researchers believe that Feverfew Extract has the ability to decrease blood pressure and stomach irritation.

Feverfew Leaves Standardized
Parthenolide and tanetin are active ingredients of Feverfew Extract in this product. This product is clinically prepared to obtain maximum results of Feverfew Extract. You may consume this product to maintain a healthy blood vessel tone. In addition, you may consume tablets of Feverfew Extract for your digestive problems. Feverfew Extract has properties such as migraine prophylactic, anti-inflammatory, vasodilatory, febrifuge, antirheumatic and anthelmintic properties. In addition, it may also act as a uterine stimulant.

White Willow With Feverfew Standardized
The product contains white willow bark and Feverfew Extract that offers advanced health support. White willow bark is rich in salicin that is beneficial for brain. Products have proportionate quantity of their ingredients that provide maximum health benefits. With the highest quality of herbal extracts such as Feverfew Extract, the product satisfies current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards. The products are free from any artificial synthetic ingredients.

Butterbur With Feverfew Minimizes Neurological Discomfort
Butterbur mainly dwells in North America, Europe and Asia. Butterbur is one of the famous herbal plants used from centuries to fix many disorders. Many experiments show that butterbur supports healthy flow of blood to brain and increases neurological function. Petasins are active ingredients in butterbur that minimize the neurological discomfort caused due to stress.

The product has sufficient concentrations of butter extract and Feverfew Extract that provide maximum protection from disorders. Due to the use of advanced technology in its production, the product is free from any harmful alkaloids such as pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

Estroven PMS Hormonal Balance
Estroven PMS is a unique formulation of different active herbs, minerals and vitamins that improve mental and physical system of body to fight against symptoms of PMS. The blend of herbs and vitamin B helps to reduce moodiness and irritability. It contains soy, which supports hormonal balance. You may use Estroven PMS to reduce cramping and bloating.

Estroven PMS is free from caffeine and other harmful substances. You may consume Estroven with your diet based on your requirement.

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FeverFew Extract