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Human body consists of different organs. These different organs need different types of hormones secreted by glands to function properly. Hormones are chemical messengers. Testosterone, estrogen, progestin and protein polypeptide hormones are some of the types of hormones. Low testosterone and DiHydroTestosterone (DHT) levels affect mood, energy, sexual function and physical health. In addition, it weakens the inner defense mechanism against the pressure of stress. Hormonal imbalance might be the reason if you feel tired, your muscles pain after a long workout and your weight decreases.

If you are suffering from hormonal imbalance and want to know your hormone levels then you can have OptiMale Testosterone Health Check with fitness test kit. Salivary hormone testing using fitness test kit is preferred over blood testing to measure the hormonal health. In addition, it is less expensive than blood testing. Salivary hormonal test measures the active level of hormones rather than inactive levels of hormones.


Fitness test kit contains 1 collection tube with time label for saliva, 1 parafilm square to help in saliva collection, 1 resealable plastic bag, 1 absorbent pad, 1 USPS mailing label, 1 mail sticker, 1 return shipping box and 1 hormone assessment request form.

Collect your saliva sample within an hour after your rising. Do not eat, drink (except water), brush teeth, use mouthwash and take any medical supplements. Instructions to collect saliva with the help of fitness test kit are as follows. First, drink about 16 ounces of water. Rinse 3 times for 5 seconds with cold water. It is important to wait for 5 minutes before collecting. Collect saliva until 75% of the tube is full of liquid without bubbles. In order to remove any foam, beat the covered tube on a hard surface to eliminate bubbles. Chew parafilm to create more saliva. Tightly place the cap to prevent leakage. On the specimen label, write your name with date and time of collection and circle the saliva sample. Enfold the tube in the absorbent pad and enclose inside the resealable bag. Freeze the bag for 3 hours.

About saliva testing

Blood contains about 95% of total hormones in a human body, which are dependent on certain proteins that carry them through the bloodstream. The remaining 5% of hormones are those, which move easily to target organs and execute their functions. Saliva contains these free hormones which are easily measured the active hormones. There is a strong connection between the levels of hormones in saliva and free levels of s in the bloodstream. The amount of freely available hormones represents the amount of hormones found in saliva.

Advantages of saliva testing

With the help of fitness help kit, saliva collection is simple and economical. Blood hormone testing is difficult and hectic. Blood testing is painful and sometimes it becomes difficult to obtain the samples. Saliva samples are convenient to collect in privacy and comfort of home. Blood samples need proper handling, cold storage and high cost for shipping. Saliva samples remains stable at room temperature for three weeks. Hence, they do not require any type of special handling. Fitness test kit does not contain any needles. For doctors, the goal of saliva monitoring using fitness test kit is to determine whether involvement of hormonal replacement therapy is appropriate or not. If the patient is already taking hormones, results of this test allow them to adjust the dosages for better outcome. Patient may receive a copy of test results of fitness test kit as they might take good care of their own health.


With the help of fitness test kit, you may set up a baseline before entering into the program of hormone supplementation. In addition, fitness test kit also helps to verify any hormonal related medical analysis.

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