Hair Trimmer

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Hair Trimmer

Hair Trimmer and Hair Removal

VitaDigest brings to you its hair trimmer and hair removal range to help you get rid of unwanted hair on your body. With doorstep delivery, VitaDigest saves your efforts and time of going to parlor & clinics, and spending long sitting hours there. You can now acquire that neat look at your home itself. The hair trimmer and hair removal products band extends an exquisite range of electronic gadgets for the purpose along with creams, lotions, gels, and sprays. The hair care does not cease only at hair trimmer and hair removal, VitaDigest even ensures that you have beautiful hair through its collection of hair nourishing creams. The ensuing discussion briefly touches some key hair trimmer and hair removal options available at VitaDigest

Electronic Hair Removers. VitaDigest offers electronic hair removal gadgets from leading brands. These hair trimmer and hair removal gadgets help you get rid of existing unwanted hair, and retard the speed and quantity of future hair growth as well.

  • Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System from Divine Skin offers permanent hair removal solution without much pain. Vector System is designed to remove even the thickest of unwanted hair growth without the use of any needles. This product from VitaDigest works as good as any professional electrolysis machine and delivers remarkable results on all skin types and hair colors.
  • The Ultimate Personal Shaver from BMS and Bikini Touch Hair Remover/Trimmer from Bikini Touch are perfectly designed to remove unwanted hair from even intimate areas to impart smooth and sexy feel to your skin. This product from the hair trimmer and hair removal range of VitaDigest is one of the painless ways to remove hair from any part of the body. Both men and women can use the product alike. The system is quick, effective, and safe with no cuts, irritation, nicks, bites, razor rashes, or bumps.
  • Finishing Touch Lumina from Finishing Touch is another compact hair trimmer and hair removal system, ideal for the most sensitive areas. Women can use it on their face, upper-lip, chins, toes, ankles, knees, and bikini area for smooth results without any pain. It includes an eyebrow comb attachment that makes trimming eyebrows a child's game. Its small size makes it very handy.
  • Micro Touch Magic Trimmer by Micro Touch, Titanium Turbo T2 Shaver by Titanium Turbo, and Just A Trim are specially formulated for men. They are compact, have a good grip band, and are best suited for sideburns, beards, ears, nose, chest, back hair, bushy eyebrows, back of the neck, and moustaches. VitaDigest makes sure that men too have smooth looks with lot of sensitivity.

    Creams and Lotions for Hair Removing. As mentioned above, VitaDigest extends its hair trimmer and hair removal system to creams and gels as well with equally effective results as those of electronic shavers. Yes! The broad spectrum of VitaDigest creams and lotions relieve you of unwanted hair from any part of your body quickly and painlessly. The Hair Remover lotion from Jan Tana, Hair No More's Advanced Hair trimmer and hair removal options such as Vanishing Crème, Spray Mist Inhibitor, Inhibitor 2 Step System, and Gel Inhibitor, are suitable for both men and women. The creams are gentle and nourishing to your skin. These products usually have pro-vitamins, anti-oxidants, vitamins A and E, green tea, Aloe Vera, and other skin caring natural plant extracts. These products also retard the future hair growth. Coochy Shaving Cream – Bath & Body by Coochy Cream, and SensaShave for Men by SensaShave are excellent shaving creams for sensitive skins. They are well suited for removing hair from the sensitive and intimate body areas also.

    Products for Beautiful Hair. VitaDigest's hair trimmer and hair removal solutions also include products to make your hair beautiful. Spectral DNC, Hair Loss Treatment from Divine Skin is especially designed to make your hair long and beautiful. It helps the hair to re-grow better and is an easy way to combat hair loss.

  • LAKEWOOD Tart Cherry, Concentrate, 12.5 OZ, From LAKEWOOD

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