Homeopathic Eye Drop


Homeopathic Eye Drops

Homeopathy is a system of disease treatment, in which minute doses of a remedy is administered on the patient. The remedy is so designed that it will produce the same symptoms as patient if administered in a healthy person. The line of treatment follows "like-cures-like” philosophy. Eye drops are Saline based drops used to treat Eye Infections. Now, Homeopathic Eye Drops combine the Homeopathic remedy in the Eye Drops to treat various eye conditions.

VitaMaker presents Homeopathic Eye Drops by Similasan, each targeted at a specific Eye complication and recommended by doctors. These Homeopathic Eye Drops, providing long-term relief without any side effects and drug interactions, and can be confidently used by nearly all age groups, irrespective of their health status. The Homeopathic Eye Drops by Similasan employ "Active Response Formula,” which helps build the Eyes' inner strength to fight back the symptoms associated with several Eye Complications. To apply, open the bottle of Eye Drop, put two drops in the affected area. Close eyes for a few seconds and you are done with the administration part. Replace the lid of the bottle after use. Let us glance through the various Homeopathic Eye Drops by Similasan, available at VitaMaker.

Homeopathy is a disease treating system used since centuries. Here, the patient is administered carefully after treating with a small dose of medicine. Homeopathic eye drops are combinations of saline-based eye drops and homeopathic medicines to treat different eye problems. At present, many homeopathic eye drops are available for different eye conditions.

Individuals of any age may use homeopathic eye drops for long-term relief. Moreover, homeopathic eye drops do not have any side effects and do not interact with drug medicines.

Homeopathic eye drops helps to build the inner strength of an individual's eyes to fight symptoms linked with eye diseases. To apply, put two to three drops on the affected area of your eyes. After applying, close your eyes for three to four seconds.

Homeopathic Eye Drops
  • Allergy Eye Relief Eye Drops. Meant for anyone aged 2 and over, these Homeopathic Eye Drops strengthen the Eye's natural ability to fight the symptoms of allergies due to Pollen, Pet Dander, and Mold Spores. The Sting Free Formula helps treat the Eye Watering, Itching, & Burning Associated Allergies, and the Inflammation & the Redness of Eyes & Lids.
  • Computer Eye Relief Eye Drops. These Homeopathic Eye Drops quickly relieve minor symptoms of Eye Fatigue, which may be due to long hours on Computer, Reading, Watching TV, and Driving. The symptoms of Eye Fatigue include Aching, Tired, & Strained Eyes, Redness & Irritation of Conjunctiva, Blurred or Double Vision, Hypersensitivity to light, and Eyelid Spasms. The Homeopathic Eye Drop develops the Eye's natural strength to rejuvenate fatigued Eyes.
  • Dry Eye Relief Eye Drops. These Homeopathic Eye Drops empower the Eyes' natural strength to fight out Dryness and Eyes & Lids Redness due to Smog, Stress, Age, Fatigue, Environment, and Contact Lens to name some. Apart from these Eye Allergies, Dry Relief Drops are also helpful in the symptoms, such as Sensitivity to Light, Grittiness, and Reflex Watering Secondary to Dry Eye.
  • Pink Eye Relief Eye Drops. These Homeopathic Eye Drops gear your Eyes to naturally fight back Redness, Watery Discharge, & Burning of Eyes due to Conjunctivitis.
  • Cataract Care Eye Drops. These Homeopathic Eye Drops are ideal to temporarily treat the Eye Symptoms related with Cataracts and Aging Eyes, such as, Hazy Vision, Eye Weakness, Excessive Watering, Sensitivity to Light, Appearance of Floaters & Halos, Faded Colors, Poor Night Vision, and Red Appearance of Objects.

  • Homeopathic Ear Drops.
  • Earache Relief Eye Drops. These Swiss Homeopathic Eye Drops enhance the Eyes' natural ability to appease Ear Pain.
  • Ear Wax Relief. These Homeopathic Ear Drops employ "Dual Action Formula” to clean your Ears by helping it get rid of Wax, while strengthening your Ears' natural capacity to reduce Chronic Ear Wax Congestion. It is a Glycerin-based Ear Drop, which does not cause Dry Skin or Itching of Ear Canal.

  • Homeopathic Nasal Spray.
  • Hay Fever Relief. This Nasal Spray strengthens your body's natural ability to relieve Nasal Congestion, Itchy, and Runny Nose, caused by Pollen, Pet Dander, Dust, and Mold Spores. The spray is also effective for conditions, such as, Sinus Pressure, Vasomotor Rhinitis, Acute & Chronic Allergies, Rhinitis, and Hay Fever.

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