Kegel Enhancer

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Kegel Enhancer

Named after Dr. Kegel, Kegel is the exercise for strengthening your Pelvic Floor Muscles, PuboCoccygeus (PC). Pelvic Floor Muscles (Kegel) help the continence vis-à-vis Urethra, Urinary Bladder, Uterus, and Rectum, while toning vaginal muscles for sexual pleasure. Actually, when a woman undergoes childbirth, ages, or is overweight, her Pelvic Floor Muscles tend to weaken. This results in the loss of urinary or bowel control, coupled with a decline in the pleasurable sensations in the Vagina, and even Orgasm in the worst scenario. To restore the body back to the Pre-pregnancy level, Kegel exercises prove handy. The ensuing discussion gives you an insight into some of the most effective Kegel Enhancers available at VitaDigest. These Kegel Enhancers work on the principle of endurance building by exercising the Pelvic Floor muscles against a resistance.

Balls Based Kegel Enhancers. They employ the balls of several styles to strengthen the Pelvic Floor Muscles. Let us glance through some ball-based varieties of Kegel Enhancers at VitaDigest.
  • Ben Wa Balls Based Kegel Enhancers. Ben Wa Balls are ancient female masturbation device from China. This device consists of two metal balls, each measuring approximately ¾” in diameter, which are inserted in the Vagina. The balls then stimulate the sensitive areas of Pelvic walls by causing gentle and natural vibrations in the Vagina whenever a slight body movement results in their collision. As a result, the woman achieves Orgasm along with strengthening her Pelvic Floor Muscles. You can wear these Kegel Enhancers throughout the day as you go about your regular activity in office, while traveling, shopping, or at home. Ben Wa Balls in Velvet Box from Doc Johnson; Pleasure Pearl Ben Wa Ball, Opulent Lacquer Cote Pearls Ben Wa Ball, & Weighted Orgasm Balls Ben Wa Ball (available in Pearl and metallic), all three from California Exotic; Glass Ben Wa Pleasure Balls from Adam & Eve; and Ben Wa Balls on a String from Golden Triangle (has a string of 4 plastic & slightly dimpled balls) are some effective Kegel Enhancers.
  • Threaded Balls Based Kegel Enhancers. They usually consist of seamless solid balls that do not tarnish and are sturdy. The balls are roped usually into a strong Nylon cord. Alchemy Metallics Solid Seamless Metal Balls from California Exotic is an apt Kegel Enhancer in the range.
  • Massager Balls. These perfectly sized metal, slightly Elliptic shaped, balls are usually coated with soft and pliable Silicone, and have helpful Retrieval Cord & easy load battery holder. Silicone is Hypoallergenic and quite hygienic, as it has no pores for bacterial adherence. These Kegel Enhancers are waterproof. You can wear them with a water-based lubricant throughout the day. Apart from providing sexual pleasure, these 4”X1.5” (approximately) sized balls also strengthen the Pelvic Muscles. Royal Balls Massager Ball from Sue Johanson (available in Tangerine & Lemon colors), and Smartballs from Fun Factory (available in Metallic Pearly Sky, Silver Blue, Vanilla Baby Rose, Vanilla Baby Blue, Magenta/Turquoise & Magenta/Pearly Violet colors) are a couple of ideal Kegel Enhancers here.

  • Weighted Kegel Enhancers. These devices are small, seamless; smooth surfaced, and designed ergonomically to boost the health of Vaginal, Kegel Muscles by toning them. These, easy to use and clean, hygienic Lucite made Kegel Enhancers, are especially effective for Postpartum or Menopausal stages of the body. Let us look at some of the varieties available in the range at VitaDigest.
  • Energie Kegel Exerciser from Natural Contours. This product comes in an ergonomically designed, weight-resistant, Barbell shape. This Kegel Enhancer helps tone the Pelvic Floor Muscles and results in enhanced pleasure during your sexual interplay with your partner. The Barbell measures around 6.5' high x 1.25' thick at its widest point.
  • Isis Beginning Pelvic Kegel Exerciser from Berman Center. This Kegel Enhancer is morphologically sleek and seamless and delivers ultimate sexual pleasure, while strengthening the Pelvic Floor. A user manual is enclosed.
  • Juno from Berman Center. This graduated Kegel Enhancer is a Pelvic Floor booster, to be used with a water-based lubricant. Begin with smaller end, graduating slowly to the next higher size.

  • Kegel Pro Exerciser by Kegel Pro. This is another very effective Kegel Enhancer available at VitaDigest.

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