Love Furniture

Love Furniture

Love Furniture

Sexual pleasures know no bounds. Everything around ceases and the only thing that exists for the erotically entangled couple is the romantic bliss they are in. Seduction, sensuality, pleasure, sweet pains, love bites, ecstasy, fondling, all work together to rock the two rolling stones in the bed. To add more edge to the foreplay by making it naughty and infuse tremendous temptation to titillate you to the core, VitaDigest brings a wide range of Love Furniture. Use this Love Furniture to stimulate your erotic senses and reach a new, alluring climax. Let us look at some Love Furniture that VitaDigest offers.

Inflatable Love Furniture. As the name suggests, these Love Furniture are inflated with air. Each Love Furniture has an Air Valve for air inlet and outlet. After the use, squeeze the valve to deflate the device to condense its size for convenient carriage and storage. You can use this Love Furniture anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. The options in the inflated Love Furniture spectrum are:

Inflatable from Fetish Fantasy. The inflatable Love Furniture by Fetish Fantasy have flocked design to help you relax in any position you desire without slipping off. The E-Z Grip Luv Handlesª help you stay in your desired position, while keeping you in the rhythm. Several Love Furniture options in the spectrum are:
  • Bondage Ball. The round ball keeps you rhythmic with your intimate passion. Therefore, with the Bondage Ball, you are all set to enjoy ultra sensual and teasing nights.
  • Bondage Chair. To keep your lovemaking rocking, and aggressive, Bondage Chair provides the facility to put your partner as a victim of passionate and intimate moves. The inflatable chair has wrists, arms, and ankles restraints, to keep your lover in your erotic bondage.
  • Hot Seat. This Love Furniture satisfies your erotic senses to the core. A firm jelly, multi-speed dong is placed at the center of the Hot Seat. To use, place the Hot Seat on an even surface, and choose your desired vibration speed to reach your climactic high. Hot Seat can handle people weighing up to 300 lbs.
  • Position Pillow Master. This Love Furniture is just bound to rock your lovemaking by leveraging your physically erogenous zones. The slanted, flocked design helps you relax in your desired position without slipping off. The Pillow can manage a total weight of 300 lbs.
  • Tilt Master. This Love Furniture gives the correct angles to your lovemaking positions. You can now enjoy your love life in whichever position you desire.

  • Inflatable Love Pillow by Adam & Eve. The Pillow allows you to enjoy sensually invigorating sexual position, while being comfortable all along. This Love Furniture comes with a guide on "Love Positions,” coupled with an assistant and a travel bag.

    The Wedge by Doc Johnson. This is an inflatable love pillow, measuring 34'x22'x14' in size. The Love Furniture allows you to enjoy sex in any posture. Therefore, you can now position yourselves for a deep penetration. The inner cushion in the pillow keeps it sturdy, while you rock aggressively in the erotic ecstasy. The surface material of the pillow is velvety to complement the stimulating sensual touches, while the flocked designed keeps you in position without letting you slip off. This velvet-flocked cover is removable and washable. The pillow comes with an Air Pump for inflating it.

    Love Swings. They help you enjoy ultimate intimate positions as a couple or single. Some options in the spectrum are:
  • Love Swing. The swing has comfortable, soft padded stirrups for feet, ankles, calves, back, butts, or thighs. The stirrups for back and butt support are adjustable according to your comfort. The swing also has adjustable, wide, ballistic weave Nylon straps. The adjustable dangling hardware facilitates several heights and bounce. The wing can manage a total weight of 200 lbs, while suspended from the string. Without spring, the swing's capacity doubles to 400 lbs.
  • Spinning Sex Swing by Topco Sale. This swing can rotate full circle, that is, complete 360 degrees for increased erotica the convenient way. The Love Furniture has leopard print and has comfortable fur-lined stirrups.

  • Ultimate Love Machine for both Men & Women by Topco Sale. This Love Furniture allows angle adjustability for the accurate positions you desire. The Sex Toy has three multi-speed stroker & thruster, and three different 5X multi-speed vibration & pulsation massagers.

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