Phenibut is a derivative form of a neurotransmitter gamma-amonibutyric acid (GABA) that passes through the barrier of blood-brain. Russians discovered Phenibut in 1960 and are since then implementing it in medicinal preparation.

GABA is an important inhibitory neurotransmitter of brain, and is responsible for efficiency in transmission of nerve signal. Phenibut is derived from GABA by adding a phenyl ring to the structure of GABA. This makes GABA to cross easily through the barrier between your brain and blood. In addition, the phenyl ring slightly changes chemical properties of GABA.

Phenibut has nootropic and anxiolytic properties. People in Russia use Phenibut to relief themselves from tension, anxiety, and fear. Doctors also recommend Phenibut to enhance sleep in many neurotic and psychosomatic patients. In addition, doctors have the options to use Phenibut before or after the operative medication. Phenibut helps to treat different neuroses such as insomnia and disorders from various post-traumatic disorders. Phenibut also helps to enhance intellectual function, physical strength and decreases fatigue in neurotic and psychotic patients.

Supplements and Benefits of Phenibut

The chemical structures of Phenibut, phenylethlyamine (PEA) and GABA are similar. Compounds of similar structure may have some similar chemical properties. Phenibut and PEA helps to reduce anxiety, hyperthermia and seizures. Many researchers believe that PEA may enhance the anxiolytic effect of Phenibut. PEA may also help Phenibut to increase the levels of dopamine. Phenibut helps in medication of asthenia, depression, vestibular disorders, stuttering and traumatic stress.

Many researchers tested Phenibut on animals to check and research its medical properties. The results of these tests were positive however, there are many conditions and dependencies to obtain positive results. Some of these results were, increase in social behavior, emotional changes, stress reduction and better relaxation.

Phenibut, Sleep Support

Phenibut Sleep Support induces relaxation and promotes healthy brain function. The product helps to provide a sound sleep for relaxation and reduces the level of daily stress, which is a real threat to healthy life. The product has best quality Phenibut compounds to provide you with maximum benefits.

Many psychiatrists use supplements of Phenibut in medication of psychiatric disorders such as post-traumatic stress, depression and stuttering. It helps to change the emotional mood to revive you from anxiety. It also promotes thinking abilities. Many psychiatrists believe that Phenibut is more effective than diazepam.

Phenibut even has some anti-addictive properties. Smokers consuming Phenibut will find easy to quit smoking. In addition, it also helps ex-smokers to fight against the urge to start smoking again. Many athletes use Phenibut for relaxation after intense training sessions.

Phenibut Powder, Relaxation Support

The product contains best quality and 100% pure Phenibut powder. The product is tested under many conditions to ensure its maximum potential. It helps to improve brain function and induces relaxation. You may also use Phenibut to treat anxiety.

Doctors recommend their patients to consume Phenibut to improve mental acuity and to increase physical strength. You may consume Phenibut to change your hectic and stress filled lifestyles.

Final Recommendation:
Phenibut may help adults suffering from numerous disorders related to stress and weakness such as insomnia, stuttering and anxiety. Researchers believe that there are no toxins in Phenibut. In addition, they also report that there are no side effects of Phenibut. However, there are some reports of minor drowsiness. There are chances of Phenibut to interact with other s that may change their medicinal properties. Phenibut interacts with drugs to increase their medicinal effects such as gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and opiates. Patients on medications of epilepsy such as trileptal and tegretol need to consult their medical practitioners before consuming Phenibut.

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