Pheromone Fragrance

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Pheromone Fragrance

Pheromones are chemicals secreted by the body of most of the animals, which attract other members of the species and invoke a response from them. Pheromones in human beings usually help draw the members of opposite sex and raise your spirit to a new high of desires. Understanding the need of this essential, natural pleasure, VitaDigest introduces you to a wide array of pheromone fragrances. Now, whether it is a casual comfort, a party stint, or a romantic togetherness, you can add an edge to everything concerning you with these propellers. The ensuing discussion briefly touches some of the bestselling pheromone fragrances available at VitaDigest.

CP 28 Pheromone Concentrate Attracts Women by VitaDigest. This unscented pheromone fragrance has a potential combination of human pheromones (especially Androstenone). You can use this supplement with your after-shave or cologne. The result, females are irresistibly drawn to you for a pleasant, romantic seduction.

California Exotic Pheromone Products by California Exotic. This unisexual pheromone fragrance range has three product lines, mist sprays, massage lotions, and massage oils. All the product lines are unisexual (both, males and females can use it). The three product lines have pleasant, natural aromas coupled with pheromones and fine talc to give a boost to your sexual attractiveness. Your skin feels soft and smooth as you use any of these products. You may also apply these pheromone fragrance supplements to your bed in order to set the mood for the upcoming romantic encounter. Use any of these to give an added edge to your ravishing entity and catalyze the climax of your intense "touch and feel” session. All three pheromone fragrance product lines, California Exotic's Pheromone Mist, Pheromone Massage Lotion, and Pheromone Massage Oil, come in three intoxicating aromas, Citrus-Basil, Ginger-Lime, and Cucumber-Melon.

Seductress Pheromone for Her from Seductress. This pheromone fragrance has erotic aroma well suited for the naughty moods in bed. Apply the spray before you set on with your game. Some spray on your bed sheet can also work wonders in charging him for an exciting foreplay. So get set to seduce your man with your womanly pheromone spray.

Climax Xfactor Pheromones by Climax Lube. This very mild spray with natural essence makes you sweetly tempting to your counterpart. He/She will fondly want to stay near you, to get your silky touch and feel. The supplements come in two aromas, Natural Scent and Scented, with separate product lines for men and women. Therefore, there are two options for women, Climax Xfactor Natural Scent Pheromones for Her and Climax Xfactor Scented Pheromones for Her. Similarly, for males, the ranges are Climax Xfactor Natural Scent Pheromones for Him and Climax Xfactor Scented Pheromones for Him.

Lure Pheromone Base Fragrances by Topco Sale. This pheromone fragrance range has separate versions for males and females, Lure for Her Pheromone Base Fragrance and Lure for Him Pheromone Base Fragrance. The fragrance employs the pheromone, alpha-androstenol, for a hit on the nail's head effect. Your partner will just not be able to stay away from you. The spray comes in portable pouch for convenient use anytime, anywhere. Your special one now just cannot help falling in love with you time and again, leaving him or her yearning for more of you.

Body Dew Pheromone Fragrances. Body Dew offers Moisturizing Body Mist, Pheromone Oil after Bath Oil Mist, and Pheromone Sensuous Shower Gel. These product lines are available in two aromas, Original Flavored and Vanilla Passion Flavored. These pheromone fragrances have the goodness of essential oils to make your skin sensuously fresh and silky. The application leaves you irresistible to your partner and sets the mood for the right pleasant swing.

Jelique Pure Instinct by Body Dew. You can apply this pheromone fragrance directly on your skin or can even mix it in your bathing water to create a titillating appeal. The supplement has pheromones coupled with essential oils to boost your mood, confidence, and senses.


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