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A Letter From our CEO

To Our Valued Customers:

The cost of doing business is changing for all of us. Each and every month we have seen higher and higher fuel costs being passed onto us by our carriers. We have absorbed these to the best of our ability. These costs come to us as both rate increases as well as additional fuel surcharge percentages. With these past 4-5 months seeing these surcharges more than double and fuel surcharges being added on top by majority of our carriers, we have no choice but to pass along a fuel surcharge of our own.

As you are well aware, the price of fuel has continued to rise dramatically. Reaching 35% - 40% higher in price than this time last year. Our delivery methods here at VitaDigest have us exclusively using outside companies to get products from point A to point B. UPS, FedEx, and USPS are our primary shipping companies. All of whom have also been charging VitaDigest higher rates/surcharges.

VitaDigest has prided itself on securing the best rates possible year over year, ensuring we pass along the lowest minimums and the quickest transit times for delivery to your doorsteps. We have no plans to raise the minimum shipping amount.

We will be instituting an across the board "Shipping Surcharge" onto all heavier items. This is a temporary situation that will remedy itself once the fuel pricing can revert back to historical levels.

If history is any inclination, at some point these high fuel prices will level off and stabilize. Once we see this is the case we will begin to take action and work on potentially lowering or eliminating entirely this surcharge.

We appreciate you understanding this situation.

With Apologies,
20687-2 Amar Rd. Ste.258
Walnut CA 91789

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