R Lipoic Acid

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Doctor's Best, Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid with BioEnhanced Na-RALA, 100 mg, 60 Veggie Caps

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R-Lipoic Acid 100mg Tabs 30+30t , 60 Tablet,  From Source Naturals

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R Lipoic Acid


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) or Thioctic Acid is a molecule of the disulfide group. ALA acts as an antioxidant, which helps to protect cells and tissues from free radicals. ALA is soluble in water as well as in lipids. ALA is a potent supporter of glutathione and plays an important role in energy production. ALA helps in producing energy from carbohydrates. It also helps throughout the process of complex multienzyme, which breaks glucose to obtain energy. In addition, ALA helps to stimulate insulin activity and decrease the resistance of insulin activity.

ALA has two types: S-ALA and R-ALA. R-ALA is a natural form of ALA produced by body and S-ALA is a synthetic form of ALA that may interfere in the functioning of R-ALA. There are many products available with different proportions of R-ALA and S-ALA. Generally, it is difficult to manufacture 100% pure R-ALA. Researchers believe that R-ALA is 12 times more effective than S-ALA. Many products contain different proportions of R-ALA and S-ALA that have several health benefits.

Orange Triad Iron Free

Orange Triad is specially designed for athletes. The product supports immune system, optimal digestion and provides lubrication in joints and flexes. Athletes subject their bodies to intense physical training and stress that damage muscles and tendons. However, tendons, muscles and ligaments require time to recover. Orange Triad will help you to cope up with this problem.

It contains R-ALA, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to support digestion, joint health and immune system. It contains flex and joint complexes that improve resiliency of tissue, which connects two joints with one another. This may lift your training at higher level.

Glucophase XR Contains K-R-ALA

K-R-ALA is the main ingredient of Glucophase XR. R-ALA is a tremendous antioxidant, as it destroys free radicals in any medium with the help of its solubility. However, R-ALA is the one, as it has the ability to regenerate itself and destroys more free radicals. In addition, it also activates inactive antioxidants to help reduce additional free radicals.

Only few substances are allowed to pass through barriers of brain to provide nutrition or protection and R-ALA is one of them. R-ALA is the only antioxidant, which destroys free radicals that may damage brain cells, when needed the most. R-ALA also increases the levels of glutathione in brain, which prevents you from disorders such as dementia, stroke and Parkinson's disease.

Na-R-ALA, Biosolv Enhanced

The product contains sodium salt of R- Alpha Lipoic Acid. This helps R-ALA to prevent from polymerization that turns R-ALA into useless and sticky substance. It helps to recover or recycle glutathione to maintain a healthy life. The product contains both the types of ALAs in equal proportions that give many therapeutic benefits.

The special formula helps to increase glycogen storage, which helps to increase the production of muscles. This product provides the benefits of an antioxidant as well as Testosterone supplement for your muscles.

R-ALA 200, 100% Pure Alpha Lipoic Acid

The product contains 100% pure form of ALA, which helps better absorption of creatine. The product helps to increase the intake of glycogen in your muscles. The mixture of creatine and R-ALA in outer atmosphere may spoil R-ALA. Therefore, a capsule of R-ALA may serve a perfect transporting automobile, which helps in better absorption of creatine in muscles. In addition, it may help to lower your high blood sugar level.

R-ALA has many health benefits including extra strength and mass. People with low appetite may use these supplements to gain weight. It is advisable for patients to consult a medical practitioner before consuming R-ALA supplements.

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R Lipoic Acid