Recovery Formula

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BCAA+G with L-Glutamine, Muscle Recovery, Lemonade, 180 Grams, From MRM

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Garden of Life FYI Restore, Muscle & Tissue Recovery, 60 Capsules, From Garden of Life

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Emerald Balance1 Emerald Balance Packets, The Ultimate Whole Body Superfood, 28 Packs

Reg. Price: $43.99

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ZMA Nightcap, Mineral Support, Apple Berry, 750 Grams, From SNAC

Reg. Price: $44.95

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Epithelial Tissue Support, 90 Tablets, Roex

Reg. Price: $30.40

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Recovery Formula

Recovery Formula

Body has special energy requirements after it is exhausted due to extensive physical activities, especially workouts or intense exercises. VitaDigest, with its wide range of effective recovery formulas, takes care to replenish the depleted energy to the body for several high performance and long lasting training sessions. Here is a general review of some its recovery formulas.

Standard Recovery Formulas.
  • CytoSport's Cytomax. This energy and recovery formula is very effective for improving one's stamina and speedy recovery during training sessions. With Cytomax, you can comfortably exercise for long and burn calories, accompanied by considerably reduced muscle loss (as Succinates in the formula, increase Oxygen supply to the muscles). The Lactate-based calories, the drink supplies, do not easily convert to Fat. It is a performance drink, which makes sure that the body is properly hydrated, while remaining energetic. Cytomax is a sugar (Sucrose) free formula containing electrolytes (for restoring cellular nutrients balance post exercise) as the base, with just the required quantity of Sodium. Alpha-L-Polylactate, a Lactic Acid (pain & muscle soreness inducing) buffering agent with quick assimilation in the muscle tissues, along with the other special carbohydrates, enables the drink to give the sustained supply of energy to the body, while constantly maintaining the blood sugar level. The recovery formula also has antioxidants property, which protects the muscle cells from free radical damage. This drink is available in various flavors such as Tropical Fruit, Cool Citrus, Grape, Apple Berry, and Pink Lemonade.
  • Primed Anti-Fatigue by ALRI. These recovery formulas provide you with optimum energy and tremendous muscle growth by establishing a perfect physiological environment in the body. This supplement comes in Watermelon and Sour Pucker Lemon flavors.

  • Amino Acid Formulas. These recovery formulas contain Essential Amino Acids (EAAs), including Free Form Amino Acids (FFAA) & Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs) (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine), and carbohydrates for a healthy physiology during and post workout. BCAAs effectively result in anti-catabolic effects, while providing non-carbohydrate nutrients for muscle functions. FFAA are quickly absorbed in the body with minimal gastric discomfort. Some formulas may also contain Amylopectin (a specialized high molecular weight carbohydrate), such as Vitargo, which is osmotic in nature. As a result, the drink is readily digested, quickly empties the stomach, and the body readily assimilates it with minimal bloating. The supplements are usually Lactose free and low in Sodium, Carbohydrates, & Fat. Overall, these Protein supplements help to aggressively recover, grow, maintain, and repair the muscle tissues post workout. All in One with Vitargo from Ergopharm (comes in two forms, out of which one is Carb free), Pro-Score 100 by Champion in Chocolate, Natural, and Vanilla flavors (has easily digestible and assimilable Glutamine rich hydrolyzed Whey Protein), EAA Stack from Universal Nutrition, Amino Vital Pro Canister from Ajinomoto (also has Arginine for sustained endurance), Xtend from SciVation in Grape and Watermelon flavors (also contains Glutamine, Citrulline Malate, and Vitamin B6) are some of the great recovery formulas in the range.

    Oxygen Boosters. They optimally improve the utilization of oxygen in the body, which in turn supports the cardiac functions by preserving glycogen and metabolizing fat to release Oxygen. The Co-enzyme-Q10 usually present in these, along with Feverfew, Omega-Fatty Acids, and Willow Bark reduce the viscosity of blood plasma and improve the blood circulation to the muscles for maximally transferring oxygen from the Red Blood Cells (RBCs) to them. This considerably enhances the body's endurance. This increased Oxygen supply to the muscles also reduces the production of pain & soreness inducing Lactic Acid, while increasing that of high-energy compound, ATP. Overall, your recovery is quick, endurance & energy levels very high and mental level keen, with low exertion and neural fatigue. Revenge Pro from Champion in Orange and Mango flavors, and Champion's Muscle Nitro are a couple of very effective recovery formulas.

    DGC (Dextrorotatory Glucose Crystals) from AST. DGC is as such directly absorbed into the blood vessels and therefore supplies quick and sustained energy for muscle and mental functions.

    LAKEWOOD Tart Cherry, Concentrate, 12.5 OZ, From LAKEWOOD

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