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What is Relora?

Relora is an exciting new natural anti-anxiety and stress relief ingredient used to control stress-related eating and drinking that has the added value of being non-sedating with potential anti-depressant properties.

Relora was developed to improve mood, help stressed individuals relax, and to normalize the hormones related to stress-induced eating. Eighty percent (80%) of stressed adults studied feel more relaxed with Relora. Relora has also been shown in a pilot study to normalize cortisol levels in stressed individuals. Preliminary findings suggest that Relora can decrease the cravings for high fat, high sugar foods in stressed individuals, most likely due to its ability to normalize stress hormone levels that cause these cravings.

About Relora

Relora was developed in America. Relora is a proprietary, standardised extract of 2 plant extracts Magnolia officinalis and Phellodenron amurense which studies show to be a safe, effective, rapid-acting, non-sedatingsupplement, which promotes relaxation, calm and a feeling of well-being.

Advance Research of Relora

In a clinical study conducted, 50 people suffering from chronic stress were administered 200 mg of Relora three times daily for two weeks. Results showed that 8 out of 10 participants felt more relaxed and 7 out of 10 reported more restful sleep. Post trial analysis revealed 78% of the patients felt more relaxed, and while the product does not cause significant sedation 74% of the patients also experienced a restful night's sleep. Only 24% of participants reported drowsiness. In addition, Relora was judged to be gentle on the stomach by 94% of the subjects, and no significant side effects were reported.

How Relora Works?

Relora was designed and evaluated to support healthy management of stress-related symptoms such as irritability,depression, emotional ups and downs, restlessness, tense muscles, poor sleep, and concentration difficulties. It uses an advanced combination of magnolia and phellodendron extracts to help support normal levels of the cortisol and DHEA hormones in the body to promote the management of stress related symptoms. Relora works by binding to stress receptors in the nervous system to promote relaxation and feelings of well being while ignoring receptors associated with sedation.

Relora Remedy

Relora works quickly, normally within 45 minutes and promotes Relaxation.

  • Relora a feeling of general well being.

  • Relora a reduction in anxiety.

  • The natural stress management ingredient Relora may also help cut snacking.

    Relora lowered cortisol levels by 37 per cent and increased DHEA by 227 per cent.

    Relora contains two patent-pending proprietary plant extracts, one from Magnolia officinalis and the other from Phellodendron amurense. In initial human trials eight out of 10 stressed individuals felt more relaxed, seven out of 10 enjoyed more restful sleep, and nine out of 10 said it was gentle on the stomach.

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