VitaDigest - VDRewards Points Program

VitaDigest - VDRewards Points Program

Reward Points – The Philosophy

VDREward Program

VitaDigest VDRewards Points program, a customer incentive Progrom for, has been designed to thank our loyal customers, who have made the supplements and the other products sold on our site, an essential part of their commitment to healthy living. The delight of this one stop shopping at VitaDigest gains further value, when with every purchase you make with us you earn redeemable points for an eventual FREE MONEY!

What is's VDRewards

VDReward are the Reward point program which offer incentive to our loyal customers and here are some basic information that may help:

  • Earning method: For every dollar you spend on VitaDigest eligible purchase, you receive 1 reward point. To further honor your clientele with us, during particular promotions, stock availability, and sponsorships, certain products may qualify for premium or double points.

    VDRewards Points Program – How to Quality and Earn the Reward:

  • Eligibility: To be able to enjoy our rewards program, you need to essentially setup an online account with us. Any point is awarded to you only after you open a VitaDigest account as a customer. Reward points associated with the purchases made prior to opening the account, stand null and void. As long as your VitaDigest account is active, your points will stay on until their validity period, which is 365 days from the date of issue. To maintain an active account, you must make a purchase with VitaDigest at least once every six months.
  • Informed buying: For the eligible listing, on the product information page, the reward value is also displayed.
  • Points Credit: After your order has been shipped, the applicable VitaDigest Reward Points automatically get punched in to your VitaDigest account. This takes a minimum of 45 days and approximately 90 days from the date of eligible purchase(s).
  • Checking Reward Points: Just login to your account. Click on the My Points History link on the My VitaDigest Rewards tab. Your points zero or more will be displayed.
  • Cash concession: Once you have accrued 500 points, you will be emailed a $5 gift code. You can use this code towards any future, qualifying purchase(s). The cycle continues. Every time your rewards hit 500 points, you will be sent a $5 gift code and the points will be reset.
  • Combined Transactions: The VitaDigest gift code can be used for sole eligible purchases and can even be coupled with certain qualifying offers.
  • Timeline: A VitaDigest Reward Point has a validity period of 365 days from the date of issue, while that of gift code is 60 days from the date of its receipt in your email account.
  • Redeeming the Reward Points: When buying online, log into your VitaDigest account to use your $5 gift codes. If you have credit available, upon checkout, you are prompted to apply it to your present order. For phone or email orders, you will need to remember to check about any available credit, which can be used on your present order. The application of credit is solely on the buyer's discretion.

  • VDRewards Points Program – Additional Terms and Conditions:

    Final Authority: The decision to initiate, maintain, amend, adjust, or terminate any clause, features, or functionality of VitaDigest Reward Points Program lies exclusively and ultimately with the company, VitaDigest. The same can happen at any time or periodically, without any prior notice and may even result in the forfeiture of all the Reward Points.
  • Eligibility: Wholesalers, re-sellers, employees, business accounts, or any entity, except for the customers, that is a part of the company are not eligible to participate in the VitaDigest Reward Points program.
  • Email ID: People qualified for VitaDigest Reward Points scheme, must have a valid and functional email id, which they need to register with us while setting up their VitaDigest account.
  • Transferability: VitaDigest Reward Points are not transferable between accounts and cannot be combined with multiple VitaDigest accounts.
  • Cash Value: VitaDigest Reward Points are eligible only for product credit and do not carry any tangible cash value.
  • Legality: VitaDigest Reward Points scheme is applicable only in the territories legally permitting it and where the company's shipping is available.
  • Indemnity: VitaDigest is not responsible in any way for any loss or theft of Reward Points at any point of time.
  • Return of Purchase: Due to any reason, if the shipped products are returned, the corresponding VitaDigest Reward Points, as applicable, are deducted from the account's total points balance.
  • Timeframe for Reward Points Credit: It takes at least 45 days and approximately 90 days from the date of eligible purchase(s) for the points to credit and display in a customer’s account.
  • Accuracy Check: It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the points have been added accurately. If any discrepancy is noticed, please feel free to bring it to the VitaDigest customer desk within 30 days.
  • Terms Violation: If violation of any VitaDigest terms & conditions and policy is noticed, the company reserves the right to invalidate and cancel a transaction & product(s) credits.
  • Compulsion: Your agreement to all the terms and conditions of VitaDigest, including its Reward Points Program policy, is mandatory for any transaction with us at any point of time.

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VitaDigest - VDRewards Points Program